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Prof Pat Hudson 

Professor Pat Hudson
Position:Professor Emeritus of History

Research Interests

  • Pre-factory manufacturing: economic, social and cultural aspects
  • Demography and family life
  • The industrialisation process
  • The textile industry especially wool textiles
  • Proto-industrialisation
  • Regional and local history
  • Micro history
  • Everyday life and the 'economics' of everyday life
  • Economic theory for historians
  • Quantitative research methods

Selected Publications

Pat Hudson (2001) Living Economic and Social History. xvi + 480pp. Economic History Society.

Pat Hudson (2000) History by Numbers: An Introduction to Quantitative Approaches. xxii + 278. Arnold.

Pat Hudson (1992) The Industrial Revolution. xi + 244. (Arnold).

Pat Hudson (1989) Regions and Industries: A Perspective on the Industrial Revolution in Britain. xiii + 277pp. Cambridge University Press.

Pat Hudson (1986) The Genesis of Industrial Capital: A Study of the West Riding Wool Textile Industry, c.1750-1850. 345pp 1st edn. Cambridge University Press.