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John Percival Building Courtyard at Cardiff University

The School has a friendly and informal atmosphere and offers a welcoming environment for students and staff. Located in the John Percival Building, it is close to other schools in the Humanities and Social Sciences, the University’s main academic and administrative buildings, and the Students’ Union, while the city’s main shopping area and many of the University halls of residence are a short walk away. 

Library Resources

The School is situated close to the Arts and Social Studies library which is the main library used by our students. The library is well stocked with books and periodicals in most areas of ancient history, archaeology and history, and has an expanding collection of primary source materials. A major investment in digital and electronic primary and secondary resources (including EEBO, ECCE, Welsh Correspondence and Newspapers, Crusader texts, etc) and the Special Collections and Archives Facility ( ensures the library offers extensive resources. Special collections include the Salisbury Library, which offers a unique collection of original printed material and is widely regarded as the best resourced library for Welsh historical studies outside the National Library of Wales. In addition, the library houses the History Research Collection and the European Documentation Centre, which assembles material relating primarily to the European Union. There is also a near-complete run of most of the county journals, dating back to the mid- to late nineteenth century, which will be of particular interest to those studying the archaeology and early history of Britain and Ireland, a valuable collection of Near Eastern texts, and a wide range of research corpora in Ancient History.

School Library Collections

The School contains in-house collection of books and periodicals in the Shelia White Library for the study of Ancient History and Classical Archaeology. Books may be borrowed by signing them out in the logbook. The room also contains a computer terminal and scanner. There is also a small reference-only Conservation Library, which contains networked PCs. Normal hours of access are between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm on Mondays to Fridays. 

School Learning Resources

Computer lab at Cardiff School of History and Archaeology

Over the last five years, the School has sought to enhance its facilities for students and staff. The School includes a wide range of modern facilities to support learning and research from computing suites for undergraduate and postgraduate students and in-house subject libraries to laboratories facilities for archaeology and conservation science and technical, drawing and photographic suites.


School Computer Suite which is available for the sole use of students of the School of History, Archaeology & Religion. These facilities allow ready access to e-mail and the internet, and to the various services on UK academic networks. Normal hours of access are between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm on Mondays to Fridays. 


The School provides its own technical support for these services, which enables us to offer a range of computing and information technology facilities to our postgraduate students. 


There is also a dedicated Postgraduate Research Room, equipped with space for private study, networked computers, scanners, document readers and printers.

Digital/Photographic Studio 

The Digital Study has facilities for digital and 35mm photography and also contains four networked PCs, scanning facilities, and a colour printer. Normal hours of access are between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm on Mondays to Fridays.


Laboratory and Conservation Facilities

Student in conservation laboratory

The School has invested heavily in building facilities for the analysis and preservation of materials recovered from excavations and in refurbishing its laboratories. The School has state-of-the art conservation laboratories, one environmental laboratory, osteoarchaeology and materials analysis labs, analytical equipment that includes a Scanning Electron Microscope, GIS-equipped PCs, digital photography and illustration suite and X-ray Diffraction, and a drawing office.

There is also a Geographical Information Systems laboratory, including high quality printing and plotting facilities, and a photographic and visual evidence studio for the production, manipulation and storage of conventional and digital photographs and other visual records. Associated technical staff provide support and advice on ICT, photography and graphics, including poster design.

Wi-FI access

girl using laptop

The Cardiff University Wireless Network is available free to staff and students and offers a flexible way to access online resources from wireless hotspots across the University campuses using your laptop or PDA. The School has wireless access throughout the building with hotspots in the Postgraduate Room and Shelia White Library. Further information on how to access the wireless network (which includes free anti-virus software) can be found at: