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Welcome to the Cardiff School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is one of twenty six UK schools of pharmacy and the only one in Wales.


A welcome from the Head of School

Highlight Publications

Identification and quantification of aminophospholipid molecular species on the surface of apoptotic and activated cells

CP Thomas, S R Clark, VJ Hammond, M Aldrovandi, PW Collins, VB O'Donnell.

Nature Protocols (2014)  p51-63.

Impact of dual mTORC1/2 mTOR kinase inhibitor AZD8055 on acquired endocrine resistance in breast cancer in vitro 

NJ Jordan, CM Dutkowski, D Barrow, HJ Mottram, IR Hutcheson, RI Nicholson, SM Guichard and JMW Gee.

Breast Cancer Research, (2014)

Application of ProTide Technology to Gemcitabine: A Successful Approach to Overcome the Key Cancer Resistance Mechanisms Leads to a New Agent (NUC-1031) in Clinical Development.

M Slusarczyk, ML Lopez, J Balzarini, M Mason, WG Jiang, S Blagden, E Thompson, E Ghazaly, and C McGuigan .

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2014), 57, 1531-1542.

SPPS Undergraduate ProgrammeOur undergraduate Masters in Pharmacy degree is consistently ranked as one of the best in the U.K. and is fully approved.
  SPPS Postgraduate ProgrammesSupervised research study leading to Doctoral degrees, as well as a range of taught postgraduate courses.
  SPPS Research

Inter-disciplinary research seeking to benefit human health and welfare and spanning the full translational spectrum from ‘Molecular to systems-level preclinical research’, ‘clinical research’, to research that improves ‘healthcare delivery’

Research Seminars

SPPS Seminar Series


Script Magazine

The magazine of the Cardiff School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Script Issue 6.  See Previous Issues.

Wales Centre for Pharmacy Professional Education

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