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Our Media, Our World


The Our Media, Our World pathway allows you to study towards a degree from the Cardiff School of Media, Journalism and Cultural Studies which is widely regarded as one of the best media schools in the UK.

Why Study Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies?

We live in a media saturated society. The media is a part of lives and is involved in everything we do.

This saturation goes beyond things like television to include a vast range of different media types from pop music to advertising, newspapers to feature films, mobile phones to video games.

When these different media is taken together we as a population are exposed to more mass media messages in one day than our grandparents were subjected to in a month.

Technology has played a big part in society’s media saturation. For example, television has gone from having only one channel to develop into digital broadcasting with hundreds of channels 24 hours a day.

Our leisure time is dominated by media consumption. After work and sleep, engaging with the media, such as watching TV, is what we do more than anything else.

If you have ever thought about learning more either of journalism, media and cultural studies the new pathway will open up and tackle fascinating subject areas concerning the media around us. From war to sport, comedy to news, pop music to digital media this affords you a vast array of different topics to engage with and better your knowledge about and develop associated skills to research and study them.

Why Enrol on a Pathway?

The pathway is designed to provide adult learner and those who have been away from formal education for a long time to engage and learn more about the subjects.

To receive more information about the Our Media, Our World Pathway please contact the Our Media, Our World Co-ordinator Dr Jonathan Cable for a chat. He can be reached by calling 029 208 70646 or by emailing

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