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Italian Conversation for Improvers

Level 0 (CQFW Level 3), 10 Credits.

Available Dates:

This course is currently not being offered in the academic year 2015 - 2016.

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Course Description

This course aims to provide lots of opportunity to boost confidence in speaking and understanding Italian. The extensive use of authentic listening materials will effectively train listening skills and build on understanding Italian spoken at a natural speed.

We will cover the following topics

1. leisure activities/ lifestyles

2. holidays and places of interest

3. travelling and means of transport

4. at the table, traditional dishes
We will practice the following communicative functions:

1. expressing likes and dislikes / preferences / interests

2. talking about a holiday/ planning a journey

3. asking and giving directions

4. ordering something in a bar /restaurant

5. shopping for food /clothes

6. making suggestions / giving advice

7. making plans for the future.

More Information:

  • An 18 hour course
  • No more than 14 students, guaranteed
  • Pre-enrolment is essential
  • Course materials provided on first session
  • Extensive use of our digital language laboratories
  • Audio material available throughout the summer via our on-line learning platform