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Cardiff dad returns to the classroom

30 October 2023

Scott Bees
Scott Bees

Scott completed a Pathway to a degree at Cardiff University and is now studying a BSc in Archaeology.

Scott Bees was busy balancing working as a postperson and looking after five children when he heard about Cardiff University’s Pathway to a degree in history, archaeology and religion. Until this point, Scott who is 34 and lives in Ely, did not know he could return to the classroom to study the subject he was passionate about. With a young family and bills to pay he felt this was not an option for him.

When his youngest child started school, Scott’s wife decided to begin degree studies and her enthusiasm for learning inspired him.

“My wife urged me to follow my own dreams and take some short courses. After having children at a young age and not doing well at school, I thought mediocre jobs were my future until retirement. I had never thought about returning to studying before this as I thought there was not much support, emotionally and financially, for mature students with children, but I was wrong about that.

“I sent an email to Dr Paul Webster who arranged a meeting with me, it was all thanks to Paul that I was in my first online lesson in 16 years only six weeks after I first made contact. After completing the pathway, I enrolled at Cardiff University to study a BA in Ancient History and Archaeology. I decided in my second year to switch to the BSc in Archaeology. The pathway changed how I look at not only the past, but how I look at my own future, and I am so excited looking forward.

“The level of support inside and outside the classroom has surpassed all my expectations. One of the main worries, was the fear there would be no support. However, Paul and the team of lecturers were absolutely fantastic with their encouragement and advice.”

Scott would like to help others to return to the classroom:

“Do not look at university or the Pathway in the same way as a school. I struggled in school for various reasons, mainly of my own creation, however now in university, I am excelling at something that I am tremendously passionate about. Your tutors will be there to support you. They are extremely welcoming and informative.

“The Pathway completely changed my life for the better”

If you have been inspired by Scott’s story, more information can be found here.

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