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Structure of the Pathway

The Exploring the Past Pathway is made up of six 10-credit modules. It is equivalent to 50% of the first year of a degree and is intended to provide you with academic skills and intellectual preparation for a history, ancient history, archaeology or religion degree at Cardiff. The pathway is specifically designed to be flexible. You have a wide choice of modules to pick from and can take up to three years to complete it. In this way it forms a coherent, flexible and multi-disciplinary progression route providing you with the intellectual and practical skills essential for studying in a Higher Education environment.

The pathway consists firstly of three Group 1 modules, of which you need to take and pass at least one to complete the pathway. These Group 1 modules are designed to give you the academic and discipline-specific skills that you need to succeed at degree level. They will help you to organise your ideas, provide guidance on using information technology, and help you to develop your skills in researching and writing essays and reports.

You then have a choice of modules from Group 2, each of which focuses on a particular fascinating area of historical, archaeological or religious study. These will also provide you with valuable academic experience and knowledge that will help you prepare to move onto a degree. Have a look at the diagram below to see how you might fit these modules together to form the pathway.


Group 1 Modules. You need to complete at least one of these if you wish to complete the Exploring the Past pathway. They will introduce you to key concepts, skills and methods and provide a foundation for going onto a degree.

For information on Group 1 modules please click here.

Group 2 modules. These optional modules will provide you with the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills and to explore particular aspects or periods of the past which reflect research being carried out areas taught in the School of History Archaeology and Religion.

For information on Group 2 modules please click here.

Choices Modules*. You have the option to use one 10-credit module from Continuing & Professional Education’s Choices prospectus as part of the pathway. Please note that this should normally be a on a topic which relates to History, Ancient History, Archaeology or Religion. This is at the discretion of the Pathway Co-ordinator so if you would like to do this then please do get in touch first.

For information on Historical Studies modules at the Continuing & Professional Education, please click here.

Do you have any questions?

If you’d like to talk to somebody, please contact Dr Paul Webster, the Exploring the Past Co-ordinator, by phoning (029) 2087 5610 or emailing