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Deputy Prime Minister praises homework club

Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg took time before the Liberal Democrats conference on Saturday 3rd March 2012 to visit the community homework club in Adamsdown Resource Centre.

Nick Clegg said: “It’s been absolutely fantastic to see the enthusiasm and the joy of the children and, above all, this thirst to learn. It’s genuinely inspiring. It’s not very often that you ask a group of children on a Saturday morning at a homework club whether they like maths then a whole bunch of arms shoot up. It’s a real tribute to everybody that has been working on this project.”

Nick was particularly impressed with the Cardiff University student tutors on the project. He said: “I saw the student volunteers in action in classroom games and role playing with the children. That was really impressive because these are not necessarily fully trained up educationalists, but they were motivating the children, laughing with the children and getting them excited about learning.”

The homework club was established two years ago by Adamsdown Communities First and the Adamsdown African Association. From the very beginning of the club Cardiff University students have been encouraging and supporting the children with their homework and exam preparation and have been organising other learning activities.

It aims to raise attainment and achievement with students in inner city schools and colleges, in particular children from families who have little or no history of going to university. Student tutors particularly provide support in Maths and English.

Louise Gray, Widening Access Manager at Continuing & Professional Education said: “The homework club has grown to include a diverse range of local children varying from 7 to 18, all receiving weekly help from Cardiff University students throughout the year.”

Sue West, Adamsdown Communities First Co-ordinator said: “The club has been an amazing success, pupils have reported that since joining the club they enjoy difficult subjects more (such as Maths and Science), are achieving better grades and have increased aspirations for the future.”

“The partnership with the University has been instrumental to the success of the club and has now developed to allow us to increase our activities to support the parents of the children through learning as well”.