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Representation of women scientists, engineers and technologists in the UK media

Award Holders: Dr. Boyce, Dr. Chimba, Dr. Haran and Professor Kitzinger

Funder: UK Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology (UKRC)

Based at: Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies (JOMEC)

The four research reports were launched at the UKRC annual conference, 12th March 2008 in London.

This research examines how women scientists are represented in the press, in film and on television (news, documentary, drama and docu-drama). We are examining who is represented, how they are represented and the ways careers in science are portrayed.

As well as analysing media representations we have interviewed scientists and representatives from scientific organisations to explore their views of, and experiences of, dealing with the media, and we are talking to young people about their images of a career in science. We are also talking with journalists and media producers.

This research has been commissioned by the UK Resource Centre for women in SET as part of their JIVE (Joining Policy and Joining Practice) Project and is partly funded by the UKRC and the European Social Fund under the EQUAL Community Initiative programme.

Research Outputs

Kitzinger, J., Haran, J., Chimba, M., and Boyce, T.(2008) Role Models in the Media: An Exploration of the Views and Experiences of Women in Science, Engineering and Technology. Report for the UKRC.

Role Models in the Media [305 KB]

Kitzinger, J., Chimba, M., Williams, A., Haran, J., and Boyce, T. (2008) .Gender, Stereotypes and Expertise in the Press: How Newspapers Represent Female and Male Scientists. Report for the UKRC.

Gender, Stereotypes and Expertise in the Press [342 KB]

Haran, J., Chimba, M., Reid, G and Kitzinger, J (2008) Screening Women in SET: How Women in Science, Engineering and Technology Are Represented in Films and on Television. Report for the UKRC.

Screening Women in SET [709 KB]

Boyce, T and Kitzinger, J (2008) Promoting Women in the Media: The Role of SET Organisations and their Science Media Communicators. Report for the UKRC. Report for the UKRC.

Promoting Women in the Media [222 KB]

Chimba, M and Kitzinger J (2009) Bimbo or Boffin? Women in Science: an analysis of media representations and how female scientists negotiate cultural contradictions. Public Understanding of Science.

Bimbo or boffin? (Sage Website)