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Connor Love wins Best Student Film

28 March 2024

Two LARPers run towards each other in a field

MA Digital Documentaries’ Connor Love has won this year’s Best Student Film award at the 2024 Lived Perspectives festival with his film ‘A Bridge to Mundania’.

The film followed a group of LARPers (Live-Action Role-Players) from Cardiff’s ‘Fools and Heroes’ LARP system to find out what’s involved in LARPing – an often-misunderstood hobby.

The documentary revealed a supportive community, of often neurodivergent people, who greatly benefit from the peer support of their group.

By opening the doors to the mysterious realm of LARPing Connor revealed unexpected tales of humanity and support for those on the fringes of 'normality'.

Dr Janet Harris, Director of Digital Documentaries said, “Documentary journalism thrives when exploring stories that reveal human motivations and what it is that connects people, communities and the misunderstood.”

“Connor’s wonderful documentary has successfully combined all of these elements. Congratulations Connor!”

A Bridge to Mundania has also been shortlisted at the RTS Cymru Wales Awards 2024.

Official laurel of the Lived Perspectives Festival

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