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The consequences of living in war - can theatre and reportage better inform the world?

2 April 2024

Rear view of father embracing child and looking at ruins of house after hostilities

This July a new festival of theatre reportage will present creative and research-led real-life experiences of what it means to live in war.

With a focus on the middle east and Ukraine the three-day festival will consider and propose improved ways for the media to report on new and escalating wars and how theatre and film can better inform global audiences of the consequences of those living in these wars.

The festival is being led by Dr Carrie Westwater and is the product of her longitudinal partnership with the international group Teatro di Nascosto/Hidden Theatre, who use a method of theatre reportage to tell these stories.

The event will invite creatives to respond to these wars, activists and academics to participate in keynotes, provocations and open conversation on the latest research. The festival will also present new and vital performances of reportage from regions of conflict.

Dr Westwater said, “We invite proposals to speak at the festival on an aspect of research, debate or the presentation of creative materials regarding the ongoing crises in the Middle East and Ukraine and any other region that delegates wish to represent.

“This could be poetry, theatre, film, artwork, digital creations or even wearable art. Our proposals are open to all and to all ideas.”

The event will be hosted by Cardiff University’s School of Journalism, Media and Culture from 24 to 26 July 2024 and will be supported by film screenings, previously unseen in the UK.

Further details of the call for papers/abstracts will be advertised soon.

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