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Information resources and child-centred interventions in diabetes

Grant Holders: Professor Anne Williams (Lead Applicant) Cardiff University, Dr. Cynthia Carter (Co-Applicant) Cardiff University.

Funder: National Coordinating Centre for the National Institute for Health Research Service Delivery and Organisation Programme.

Period: November 2007 to November 2010

This is part of a collaboration with a project based in Nursing exploring 'Organisational and Service Delivery aspects of Medicines for Children'. Part of the aim of this research is to develop child-centered information in medicine.

There is increasing acknowledgement of the complexity and multifaceted nature of translation of evidence into practice which makes standardisation of information resources challenging. Little guidance exists concerning the development of age-appropriate health resources for children - this project will, where appropriate, adapt and apply general best practice principles. In line with guidance on the development of information resources for `lay' people, we will follow a systematic approach and start with a paper-based information resource, which has the potential to be adapted into other formats once the key health messages and content are agreed and its efficacy in routine clinical practice established.

As part of this project, Cindy Carter (specialist in children, communication and media) will support the translation process and link this study with her extensive research programme. The research will overall will produce findings to facilitate translation of information into practice for children/young people with type 1 diabetes, producing generalisable findings relating to other long-term conditions. Manufacturers' adult-orientated instructions for blood glucose monitors and the NICE guidelines on glycaemic and insulin management will be redesigned and individually-tailored in a child/young person-orientated way to support self-care choices, concordance with medication, correct insulin dose calculation and optimise prevention of long-term complications(4). Children will be consulted at all stages.