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Media, community and the creative citizen – Creative Citizens showcase award

Grant Holder: Professor Ian Hargreaves

Co-applicants: Dr Andy Williams, Mr Glyn Mottershead, Mr David Harte (BCU), Ms Catherine Green (RCA), Mr Jonathan Dovey (UWE), Dr Caroline Chapain (UB), Dr Aikaterini Alexiou (OU), Dr Theodore Zamenopoulos (OU), Dr Shawn Sobers (UWE)

Researchers: Jerome Turner (BCU), Giota Alevizou (OU), Gail Ramster (RCA), Alan Outten (OU), Tamara West (UB), Emma Agusita (UWE)

Funder: AHRC

Period: May 2013 to October 2014

The Connected Communities Programme showcase event was held at Congress Hall in central London on the 12th March 2013. Media, Communities and Creative Citizens was one of many Connected Communities projects exhibiting through a mix of presentations, workshops, interactive and participatory break-outs, posters, stands and performances.

Rather than being aimed at an academic audience, the Showcase was focused on providing opportunities to further extend and deepen the Programme’s engagement with organisations, communities and individuals from outside the higher education sector.

Media, Communities and Creative Citizens’ contribution included an exhibition stand and an hour long breakout session.

Research Outputs

Our presence in the Showcase consisted of an exhibition stand consisting of six academic posters, information postcards, three videos showing the work of each strands plus one overview video for the larger project. We also hosted an hour long breakout session using interactive voting pads, presentations and the overview video to inform the group on the progress so far followed by a question and answer session.

Research Impact

The showcase represented an opportunity to exhibit the project to the wider academic and non-academic Connected Communities audience.

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