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DOC 360

Grant Holder: Dr Kerry Moore

Co-Applicants: On-Par (film production) and Urban Reaction Research Lab

Funder: REACT

Period: July 2013 to December 2013

DOC 360 is being developed to explore audience engagement with documentary when presented within an immersive environment. The project aims to explore how documentary works away from traditional TV and cinema platforms, taking it into the community through a physical exhibition space.

DOC 360 at Cardiff University

The seven-meter portable exhibition dome positions the audience in the centre of the space and multi-media content can be displayed around them on a 360° screen. Using the dome,the project seeks to investigate new possibilities for shared audience experiences of documentary and for intercultural engagement.

The REACT funding will be used for a research and development programme, utilising cultural theory and media sociology to inform research into existing 360 audience experiences. The objective of this part of the research will be to inform our understanding of the dome ‘as a communicative space’ in which different preferred audience responses might be encouraged and to help develop techniques for producing immersive cinema content.

The next objective of the project will be to produce of a 360 DOC about Butetown, Cardiff Bay. During the mid 19th century the boom in Cardiff’s coal and iron exports resulted in sailors and dockworkers from over forty different nationalities across the globe settling in Butetown. A unique multicultural community was born, one of the first melting pots of its kind anywhere in the world, shaping the cultural landscape of Cardiff and most notably Butetown. Towards the latter part of the 20th Century these communities were dispersed across Cardiff as a result of new housing schemes by the local authorities. DOC 360 aims to create a unique platform to reconnect these communities with one another.

The project consists of a collaboration between three key parties: On-Par (a film production company based in Butetown, Cardiff); Urban Reaction Research Lab (a collective of freelance creatives exploring the boundaries between art & technology) and Dr. Kerry Moore (Lecturer in Cardiff University School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies).