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Principal aims of the course

MA International Public Relations and Global Communications Management

The overall aim of the course is to help students develop international public relations industry experience through study and work placement opportunities,and also for them to explore the profound implications of this new communication era for the media, business, governments, pressure groups, consumers and other public institutions. Our aims are to:

  • Explore the dynamic rise and development of public relations and highlight its inextricable link with international marketing, global media power and new technology;
  • Provide relevant practical experience and develop PR skills and techniques so that students are able to operate effectively at an international level;
  • Teach students the key theories of public relations so that they can critically explore some of the implications for the industry and practice public relations at a strategic level;
  • Equip students with the research skills necessary to carry out the media and business research that is essential for improving the professional accountability and effectiveness of the professions;
  • Enhance students’ confidence, professional skills, employability credentials and knowledge base;
  • Increase ability to undertake rigorous analytical work, ensuring students are capable of producing well-researched essays, assignments and dissertations to deadline - which is essential for future study.