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Dr Lina Dencik

Dr Lina Dencik

BA (Lancaster), MA (Warwick), PhD (Goldsmiths)

Position: Lecturer (Teaching and Research)


Telephone: +44 (0)29 2087 5461

Location: Room 0.61A, Bute Building


Lina Dencik is Lecturer at Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies and Director of MA Journalism, Media and Communications. She holds a PhD from Goldsmiths, University of London and has previously worked at the Central European University in Budapest where she is still a Fellow with the Center for Media, Data and Society (CMDS). Prior to that she worked as a television producer/director at Brook Lapping Productions in London.


Politics of Global Communication (MA)
Social Media and Politics (MA)
Global Journalism (BA)
Social Media, Politics and Society (BA)

Research Interests

  • Globalisation
  • Social/Digital Media
  • Activism and Resistance
  • Politics of Data
  • Political Economy
  • Global Journalism


Research Overview

With a background in Politics and International Relations as well as Media and Communications, Lina is guided by an interdisciplinary approach to understanding media and social and political change. She is the author of Media and Global Civil Society (Palgrave 2012) which takes a critical look at developments in news practices and cosmopolitan theories of ‘global civil society’ as well as co-author (with Peter Wilkin) of Worker Resistance and Media: Challenging Global Corporate Power in the 21st Century (Peter Lang 2015) which examines digital activism and the changing nature of labour movements in the contemporary global political economy. She is also co-editor (with Oliver Leistert) of the volume Critical Perspectives on Social Media and Protest: Between Control and Emancipation (Rowman & Littlefield International 2015), which critically interrogates the uses of commercial social media platforms for the purposes of anti-systemic protest movements.

Lina is currently involved in a number of projects that examine aspects of citizenship in a digital age and is investigator on the projects ‘Managing “Threats”: Social Media Uses for Policing Domestic Extremism and Disorder’ funded by the New Venture Fund as well as the ESRC-funded project 'Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society: UK State-Media-Citizen relations after the Snowden leaks' both hosted at Cardiff University.

She would be happy to supervise PhD students in any of these areas.