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Dr Paul Bowman

Dr Paul Bowman

Position: Reader
Director of Postgraduate Research
Director of the Race, Representation and Cultural Politics Research Group
Director of Editors: Cardiff University Press
Editor of JOMEC Journal
Editor: Martial Arts Studies
Co-Director of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Film & Visual Culture Research


Telephone: +44 (0)29 208 76797

Location: Room 1.23, Bute Building

Postgraduate Students

Paul Bowman can supervise research students working in the fields of:

  • cultural theory
  • discourse and ideology analysis
  • deconstruction
  • cultural politics
  • popular culture
  • martial arts studies
Current Research Students

Corbett Miteff: “The Future States of Religion in Children’s Science Fiction Animation” (2008-)

Matthew Winston: “Hunter S Thompson and Gonzo Journalism” (2009-13)

Merisa Skulsuthavong: ‘Representations of Weddings in Thailand’ (2010-)

Maria Papadopoulou: ‘Music, Spirituality and Social Division’ (2010-).

Hyunju Lee: ‘The effect of online politics on democracy focusing on power-sharing among political subjects: the role of government communication apparatus in Korea’ (2010-)

Xin Zhang: ‘The identities of Chinese ethnic minorities in the UK’ (2011-)

Daniele Bolelli: ‘The Cinematic Construction of The Gladiator’ (2011-)

Fokiya Akhtar: ‘Cinema and Conflict-Mediatised life of peace and conflict in Kashmir via Indian Mainstream (Bollywood) Cinema’ (2012-)

Hiu M. Chan: ‘Film Aesthetics, East and West’ (2012-)

Alida Payson: ‘Inhabiting Her: Reconfiguring Refugee Identity’

Dafina Paca: ‘Neither Here nor There: Kosovo Albanian Migration and Diaspora’ (2010-)

Secondary supervisor of several further PhD students

Examination of PhD Research Students

(2012) Chin Pang Lei, ‘In the Mood for Travel: Mobility, Gender and Nostalgia in Wong’s Kar-wai’s Cinematic Hong Kong’. University of Sussex, 28th June 2012.

(2012) Taraneh Dadar, ‘Reading Against the Veil: Gender and Politics in Popular Cinema of Post-Revolutionary Iran’. Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. 30th March.

(2012) Timothy Matts, Cardiff University, ‘Violent Signs: Ecocriticism and the Symptom’, March 9th.

(2012), Bernhard Gross, Cardiff University, ‘The State of The Nation’, January.

(2011), Wayne Wong, University of Hong Kong. ‘Reinventing "The Real": Transfigurations of Cinematic Kung Fu in the 21st Century’. Viva Voce: December.

(2009), Nasheli Jiménez del Val, Cardiff University, UK. “Seeing Cannibals: European colonial discourses on the Latin American ‘other’”. Viva Voce: 8th Sept. 2009.

(2009), Lucy Bennett, Cardiff University, UK. “Commonality of Interest Within an Online Community”.Viva Voce: 19th June 2009.

(2009) Luke White, Middlesex University, London, UK. “Damien Hirst and the Legacy of the Sublime in Contemporary Art and Culture”. Viva Voce: 20th February 2009.

(2007) Bram Ieven, Universiteit Leiden (Leiden University), Netherlands. “Machinic Deconstruction: Literature / Politics / Technics”. Supervisor: Professor Ernst Van Alphen. Viva voce: 22nd November 2007.