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Corbett Miteff

Corbett Miteff

Bachelor of Science (Texas Christian University), Master of Liberal Arts (Texas Christian University)

Position: Lecturer & PhD Student


Telephone: +44(0)7846 631626

Location: Room 1.24, Bute Building

PhD Research

Transcending Animated Space: Religious Myth in Science Fiction Animation

Studying concepts of religion in science fiction animation goes beyond the ordinary boundaries of space.  Because of the actual craft of animation the animator has the ability to push and move both perspective and space in a variety of ways.  Since the Italian Renaissance westernized cultures have accepted the concept of linear perspective in order to represent three-dimensional space within two-dimensional works of art.  At the same time the Eastern attitude, especially in terms of anime, creates a different approach, the idea of the super-flat perspective proposed by Takashi Murakami; in a artwork an artist is capable of compressing the background, mid-ground and foreground together with the past, present and future.

What takes shape in my research is a blend between these various ideas of perspective, as well as, the importance of the animation machine incorporating a variety of styles and techniques in order to convey meaning. By closely following the idea of religious myth most associated with the work of Joseph Campbell, the results of my research explains how this transformed animated space is the perfect medium for artists to re-imagine and illustrate new perceptions of religion, especially within the context of the science fiction animation genre. The reason being is because science fiction anime such as Aquarion, RahXephon and Neo Genesis Evangelion push the boundaries of animation while exploring new narratives most associated with religious myth.

Supervisor: Dr. Paul Bowman


Media & the Public Sphere, Seminar Tutor, spring 2007
Understanding Culture, Seminar Tutor, autumn 2007
Media Methodology, Seminar Tutor, spring 2008
Final Cut Pro Editing, Lecturer, spring 2009
Cultural Agency: Theory & Practice (Animation), Co-Lecturer, 2011-2012
Writing With Light: Histories of Visual Media, Lecturer, autumn 2012
Religion & Film (Animation), Co-Lecturer, spring 2013

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