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Mapping the Magazine 3 saw a wide ranging series of papers delivered by magazine educators, academics and practitioners, who assembled in Cardiff in July 2011.

Speakers from as far afield as Edith Cowan University and University of Sydney - Australia,  The University of Mississippi – USA, University of Perugia – Italy, McGill University - Canada  presented papers while UK papers were delivered by the University of Central Lancashire, Bath Spa University and the University of Birmingham.

Conference organiser Tim Holmes (Magazine Director at Cardiff) commented:

“I would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who contributed to Mapping the Magazine 3.

“I was also very impressed by the tremendous collegiality and generosity of spirit showed by all to all.

“There are a number of initiatives that have been suggested, including a new journal dedicated to the field and an international organisation of practically-oriented magazine courses.

"I am very happy for Mapping the Magazine to be a facilitating agent or platform in anything like this; I also hope that there will be some interpersonal collaborations that arise as a result."

Mapping the Magazine 4, is currently planned to take place in July 2013.

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Magazine Director - Tim Holmes

Conference Papers

© 2011 Clare Cook

County Magazines: Lost in Cyberspace?

© 2011 Kayt Davies

Women's magazine editors: What are they doing?

© 2011 Mehita Iqani

Consumer Culture and the Media: Magazines in the Public Eye

© 2011 Megan Le Masurier

Paper politics? The pleasures of the ‘indie’ magazine

© 2011 Mel Nichols

From Kentucky to Cooee to Clarkson

Literary and international influences in automotive journalism.

© 2011 Giulio Lizzi, Francesca Borrione, and
Lorenzo Cantoni

When a travel tv channel goes online: a map

© 2011 Paul S. Moore and Sandra Gabriele

The American Sunday Newspaper Magazine

An Intermedial History, 1893-1910.

© 2011 Pablo López Rabadán

Strategic development of political specialized magazines

The case of Le Monde diplomatique.

© 2011 Laura Saarenmaa

Politicians as Cover Girls

Finnish Women’s Magazines and the Parliamentary Election 2011 in Finland.

© 2011 Susan Currie Sivek

Digital Activist Magazines: Mobilization Beyond Print