Social and Cultural Geography

We are one of the largest groups of Social and Cultural Geographers in the UK.

At the cutting-edge of international agendas our research engages with feminist, postcolonial, post-structuralist and ‘more-than-representational’ theory. Such critical thinking is undertaken with reference to a diverse range of empirical topics such as breastfeeding, homelessness, drugs and alcohol, cycling, food banks, religion, surfing, fashion, music and dance, animal-human interactions, and community gardens and allotments.

Funded through organisations including the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Economic and Social Research Council and the European Union and underpinned by ethnographic, innovative and participatory methods we undertake research in case study locations around the world.

Group lead

Mark Jayne

Professor Mark Jayne

Professor of Human Geography

+44 (0)29 2068 8683