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Types of Degrees

We offer the following types of degree:

  • BEng - 3 years scheme.
  • BEng - 4 years sandwich scheme.
  • BEng - 4 years with year in Europe.
  • MEng - 4 year scheme.
  • MEng - 5 year sandwich scheme.
  • MEng - 5 years with year in Europe.

Which one should you choose?

Well first of all don’t be too concerned about this, we allow our students to swap between degree schemes (as long as they have the relevant entry grades).

The BEng (Hons) Scheme

This BEng programme is the traditional way of studying engineering and involves three years of study in your chosen subject or four years if you choose the Sandwich option. Following graduation, if you have a BEng degree, you will be required to undertake further matching studies to help prepare for Chartered Engineering status.

The MEng (Hons) Scheme

The MEng scheme is an advanced engineering degree which leads to a higher qualification than the traditional BEng scheme and, therefore, requires an additional year of study. The scheme shares the first two years with the relevant BEng scheme, whilst the last two years expand and strengthen your knowledge in your chosen engineering subject. The MEng scheme offers a more direct route to chartered engineering status than the BEng scheme.

The Sandwich Scheme

The sandwich scheme is an enhancement of either the BEng or the MEng scheme since it incorporates a year of industrial placement. This placement will occur after you have completed your first two years of engineering study. Hence the BEng scheme takes four years to complete and the MEng scheme takes five years to complete. However, you are paid a wage during your industrial placement and our experience is that sandwich course students obtain higher degree gradings than those taking straight degree courses.

The Year in Europe Scheme

The Year in Europe scheme is also an enhancement of the basic BEng and MEng schemes but this time, instead of spending a year in industry you will spend a year attending a Higher Education Establishment in either France, Germany or Spain. Your year in Europe is undertaken after completing your first two years of study in Cardiff, so the BEng scheme will take four years to complete and the MEng scheme will take five years to complete.