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Formulaic Language Research Network (FLaRN)

Director: Professor Alison Wray

The Formulaic Language Research Network (FLaRN) is a loose association of professional and student academic researchers. It is a tool for keeping a group of like-minded people from around the world in touch with each other, and has been the focal point for a series of biennial postgraduate conferences. The network exists to co-ordinate research work in the field of formulaic language, to share ideas and resources, and to create a sense of community between researchers who are not necessarily in geographical proximity.

There is a particular emphasis on postgraduate and early career researchers. FLaRN operates via an interactive website (eFLaRN), and membership is controlled (to minimise spam and interlopers). So to join, you have to be invited - however, anyone may ask to be invited! The only qualification is an academic interest in research on formulaic language.

To join eFLaRN, contact the site manager, Dr Salvatore Giammarresi at Salvo will send you details of how to sign up. By June 2015 eFLaRN had 229 members. Once you've joined, please take part in the discussions and help us make the eFLaRN a vibrant virtual place to hang out.

Note that eFLaRN is likely to move soon to a new site. Details will appear on this page.

A screenshot of the FLARN website

Current and past Cardiff PhDs on formulaic language

Alison Wray currently has a small number of vacancies for new PhD students interested in working on aspects of formulaic language. Particularly relevant topics would be: the role of verbatim memorisation in second language learning; the use of formulaic language to improve communication for people with communication disorders; how native and/or non-native readers handle formulaic expressions they have not seen before; the relationship between formulaic language and one or more theories of grammar or processing; the practicalities of using formulaic language to teach modern foreign languages in Europe and North America. If you are interested in working on one of these topics or a comparable one, please email Alison Wray describing your interests, including a brief account of your study and research training to date. Please do not send more than two pages in total at this stage. You may then be invited to put in a full application, which will go through the standard channels. For further details about studying in the Centre for Language and Communication Research, please click here.

If you work on formulaic language at another institution and would like to visit Cardiff to consult with Alison Wray, please click here to see our page for visiting scholars.

Oct 2013 to Jan 2014: An Advanced Research Residency in Formulaic Language and Lexis

Next FLaRN conference: FLaRN 7, Vilnius, June 28-30th 2016

Past Events

FLaRN 6: Swansea, Wales, July 14th – 16th 2014. For details visit:

FLaRN 5: Tilberg, Netherlands, 28-30 March 2012. For further details, see:

FLaRN 4: University of Paderborn, Germany, 23-26 March 2010. For further details, see: University of Paderborn website.

FLaRN 3: Nottingham University, UK, 19-20 June 2008. For further details, see: University of Nottingham website.

FLaRN 2: St Mary’s College, Twickenham, July 2005

FLaRN 1: Cardiff, UK, July 2004. Programme [57 KB]


Formulaic Language Research Network (FLaRN) c/o Prof. Alison Wray

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