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Cardiff Lecture Publications

Cardiff Papers on Healthcare Discourse 7

Nursing Ambitions: Protecting the basic principles of nursing against the challenges of constant change [145 KB] - Full paper
Linda Thomas: OBE BSc(Hons), RGN, Dip in Applied Social Sciences; Editor in Chief, Royal College of Nursing Publishing Company

Cardiff Papers on Healthcare Discourse 6

Time and Space in the Consultation: A History of the Doctor-Patient Encounter in General Practice [42 KB]
Dr David Armstrong: MB MSc PhD FFPHM FRCGP, Department of General Practice, Guy's King's St Thomas' School of Medicine

Cardiff Papers on Healthcare Discourse 5

Quality of Life to the End [29 KB] - Full paper available
Professor Baroness Ilora Finlay of Llandaff: University of Wales College of Medicine; Velindre NHS Trust, Cardiff

Cardiff Papers on Healthcare Discourse 4

Illness Narratives: Positioned Identities [64 KB] - Full paper available
Professor Catherine Kohler Riessman: Department of Sociology, Boston College

Cardiff Papers on Healthcare Discourse 3

Health Care Delivery as "Noisy", Bureaucratically Organised Information Exchange Systems - Abstract
Professor Aaron Cicourel: Departments of Cognitive Science, Paediatrics and Sociology; University of California, San Diego.

Cardiff Papers on Healthcare Discourse 2

Reinventing the Patient/Client in Healthcare: New Challenges to Healthcare Communication [457 KB] - Full paper available
Professor Christopher N Candlin: City University of Hong Kong/Macquarie University, Sydney; Honorary Professor, Cardiff University

Cardiff Papers on Healthcare Discourse 1

Discourse Practitioners as a Community of Interprofessional Practice: Some Insights from Health Communication Research [94 KB] - Full paper
Srikant Sarangi: Health Communication Research Centre, Cardiff University

Research Publications

Towards a communicative mentality in medical and healthcare practice [92 KB]

An exploratory comparison of genetic counselling protocols for HNPCC predictive testing [104 KB]

Theme-oriented discourse analysis of medical encounters [114 KB]

Recontextualising the familial lifeworld in genetic counselling case notes [129 KB]

Misunderstandings: a qualitative study of primary care consultations in multilingual settings, and educational implications [130 KB]

Initiation of Reflective Frames in Counseling for Huntington's Disease Predictive Testing [112 KB]

Categorisation and explanation of risk: a discourse analytical perspective [72 KB]

'Relatively speaking': relativisation of genetic risk in counselling for predictive testing [98 KB]

The micropolitics of disclosure, stigma and (dis)trust surrounding HIV/AIDS in India [290 KB]

NHS Direct Website Publications [63 KB]

Health Communication Research Centre (HCRC)