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Staff and their Research Areas

photo of Andrew EdgarAndrew Edgar
Frankfurt School, continental aesthetics, political philosophy, philosophy of medicine, philosophy of sport

photo of Richard GrayRichard Gray
philosophy of perception, philosophy of mind

photo of Elizabeth Irvine
Elizabeth Irvine
philosophy of psychology and neuroscience, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, philosophy of biology

photo of Will McNeillWill McNeill
philosophy of mind, especially philosophy of perception, knowledge of others' minds, and metaphysics of mind

photo of Christopher NorrisChristopher Norris
philosophy of literature, philosophy of music, deconstruction, poetics, aesthetics, philosophy of science, epistemology

photo of Peter SedgwickSimon Robertson
metaethics, moral psychology, practical reason, normative ethics, value theory, Nietzsche, normativity, risk

photo of Peter SedgwickPeter Sedgwick
Nietzsche, European philosophy, philosophy of language, political philosophy

photo of Nicholas Shackel
Nick Shackel
rationality, metaethics, ethics of belief, paradox

photo of Alessandra Tanesini
Alessandra Tanesini
epistemology, feminism, philosophy of perception, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, Nietzsche, Wittgenstein

photo of Jonathan WebberJonathan Webber
moral psychology, existentialism, normative ethics, applied ethics

photo of Huw WilliamsHuw Williams
political philosophy, international political theory, the history of ideas in Wales, John Rawls



Associated Researchers

photo of Robin Attfield
Robin Attfield
moral philosophy, philosophy of religion, philosophy of biology, environmental philosophy

photo of Ruth Chadwick
Ruth Chadwick
bioethics, applied ethics, Kant

photo of Clea ReesClea Rees
moral psychology, normative ethics, feminism, applied ethics

photo of Barry Wilkins Barry Wilkins

political philosophy, Marx, Rousseau