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A-level Philosophy Conferences


Our annual conference for A-level Philosophy students and teachers provides new perspectives on the A-level syllabus material to faciliate the students' own original critical engagement.

Each conference is an afternoon with a maximum of 60 participants. We keep registration fees as low as possible.


Next Conference


Epistemology: the immediate objects of perception
Wednesday 15th April 2015, 1.00-5.00

Room 1.122, Cardiff University Main Building, Park Place, Cathays, Cardiff CF10 3AT


Affordances and the Argument from Illusion - Alessandra Tanesini

Are Locke's Secondary Qualities Alike? - Richard Gray

Should I Study Philosophy at University? - Jonathan Webber

Predictive Perception and Indirect Realism - Liz Irvine


Places are limited. Please book using this booking form (pdf).



Previous Conferences


Reason and Experience - 6 November 2013

Does Conceptual-Scheme Talk Make Sense? - Christopher Norris
Innate and Acquired Ideas: What Actually Is The Difference? - Jonathan Webber
Should I Study Philosophy at University? - Jonathan Webber
The Grounds of Belief: Sense-Experience and Rational Intuition - Alessandra Tanesini


Why Should I Be Moral? - 6 December 2012

Hume and Nietzsche on Whether To Be Moral - Simon Robertson
Should I Study Philosophy at University? - Jonathan Webber
Is Morality Rationally Required? - Nicholas Shackel
Kant on Why I Should Be Moral - Jonathan Webber


Nietzsche and Morality - 6 March 2012

Nietzsche and Philosophy - Peter Sedgwick
Free Will in the Works of Nietzsche - Alessandra Tanesini
Nietzsche and the Disvalue of Morality - Simon Robertson
Kant and the Categorical Imperative - Jonathan Webber


An Afternoon of Moral Philosophy - 29 October 2011

Ethics and Sport - Andrew Edgar
Punishment: Just Deserts? - Jules Holroyd
Higher and Lower Pleasures - Jonathan Webber
Values in Science - Alessandra Tanesini