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The acquisition in 1997 by Cardiff University of the English language version of the Peter Garside examining a CME ficheCorvey Microfiche Edition (CME) represents a significant opportunity for research into English literature of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  The CME consists of 3,290 titles held on over 10,000 microfiche, which in real terms represents about 2,150,000 printed pages by 1,280 different writers.  In terms of individual titles, it is the largest of the three Editions Corvey (English, French, German), and is available for examination in the Arts & Social Studies Library of Cardiff University.  Under the supervision of Professor Peter Garside, the aim of Cardiff Corvey is to establish ongoing studies based on the first-hand consultation of original literature dating from the period 1770–1830.  The English Novel, 1770–1829: A Bibliographical Survey of Fiction Published in the British Isles, under the general editorship of Peter Garside, James Raven (University of Oxford), and Rainer Schöwerling (University of Paderborn), was published in May 2000 by Oxford University Press, and many of the texts identified in the course of their research can be located in the library at Schloss Corvey.

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