About the Study

Objectives of the study

This study is being lead by the School of Geography and Planning, Cardiff University and is financed through the EU’s EPSON research programme.  It will explore the economic resilience of regions across the EU, looking at the features that enhance the ability of a region to weather economic crises and in turn how regional authorities are able to strengthen this.  The study will examine data for all EU regions, plus neighbouring countries such as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Croatia.  It will also look in more detail at the situation in particular regions, such as Wales, Southern Ireland and Central Macedonia in Greece.

The focus will be on understanding why some regions have recovered faster than others from the recent economic crisis, and what regional policy-makers can do to enhance the resilience of regional economies for the future.  As a result, this study will be of interest to policy makers at a European, national and regional level, as well as academics working in this field.  It will also be of interest to those that are involved with the development of their community. We are very pleased to be at the vanguard of international work in this area.