Students Create Map for Wales

As part of their undergraduate studies, the RTPI Cymru tasked a group of Live Project students with looking at a wide range (environmental, economic, social and strategic) of Welsh Government policies and discussing their interrelation in space.

Based on similar methodology as the study 'Map for England', produced by a team of researchers at Manchester University for the Royal Town Planning Institute in 2012, the project appraised over 150 documents to review examples of spatial planning in policy and highlighted where policies deviated between Government departments.

The students - Clare Beaney, Lara Lawrie, Owen Rees, Karen Bolton and Gemma Bufton - recently completed the report, successfully presented it in the School and will attend the Wales Planning Conference 2013: Building Sustainable Communities.

Although the scope and resources of the 'Map for Wales' study was much limited in comparison with its English predecessor, Neil Harris and Francesca Sartorio - directing and supervising the project -  were thrilled with the final report and map atlas and feel the results are worth disseminating in academia and in the professional arena as they might stimulate further work and reflection in this area of planning.

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