Our research projects cover a variety of sustainable engineering areas.

Current projects


Coupling renewable, storage and ICTs, for low carbon intelligent energy management at district level. The project aims to design, develop, install and assess the energy and environmental benefits of a new integrated concept of interconnectivity between buildings, DER, grids and other networks at a district level. 

The approach combines different innovative technologies including smart ICT components, optimized energy generation and storage technologies, also for RES, integrated to provide real time accounts of energy demand and supply at a district level and assist in decision-making process. More about the Resilient project.

Sponsor: The European Commission under FP7.

Water analytics and Intelligent Sensing for Demand Optimised Management

WISDOM aims at integrating and demonstrating innovative ICT systems and services for efficient water use and reuse in order to improve household, business and societal awareness and induce changes in consumers' behaviour and to enable innovative resource and demand management scheme and adaptive pricing incentives. More about WISDOM.

Sponsor: The European Commission under FP7.


Multi-agent systems and secured coupling of telecom and energy grids for next generation smart grid services.

A 3-year technology-driven and business-focussed project, aimed at developing innovative information and communication technology (ICT) platform for the monitoring and optimal management of low-voltage distribution grids by integrating last mile connectivity solutions with distributed optimisation technologies, while enhancing the security of increased bi-directional communications. More about Mas2tering.

Sponsor: The European Commission under FP7.


Portable, exhaustive, reliable, flexible and optimized approach to monitoring and evaluation of building performance. 

The project aims to develop an innovative and comprehensive solution towards improved building energy management and guaranteed energy performance. More about PERFORMER.

Sponsor: The European Commission under FP7.


Developing a real time abstraction and discharge permitting process for catchment regulation and optimised water management.

Sponsor: TSB via Cambrensis.

Materials for life (M4L)

Biomimetic multi-scale damage immunity for construction materials.

Sponsor: The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Clouds4Coordination (C4C)

A cloud-based project co-ordination in the AEC Sector. The C4C project is aiming to pave the way towards level 3 BIM by developing a secure cloud based federated BIM system. This system allows participants within a construction project to effectively and securely collaborate by allowing the sharing of BIM data at an object level. 

The C4C approach allows each participant to keep control of their data, while still allowing effective collaboration between them. The C4C system provides the ability to automatically federate the shared BIM data ensuring that all parties always have the most up to date version of the model available to them.

Sponsor: TSB via BRE.


A contractor's perspective of infrastructure information Modelling.

Sponsor: Alun Griffiths Contractors Ltd.


Standardized Vocational Education and Training for BIM in EU.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is in the process of rapidly changing the way in which construction projects are obtained, designed, constructed and managed throughout the lifecycle of a building. While new skills are necessary, the project addresses the urgent need to devise a skills matrix, which is transparent and unified for BIM actors throughout Europe, to standardize BIM tasks and processes within the European Union, taking existing international developments into account, and to classify and standardize BIM training programme and certification schemes.


Understanding how communities recover from landslides associated with large earthquakes will be the subject of a new NERC-funded collaboration between Cardiff University’s Sustainable Places Research Institute, BRE Trust Centre for Sustainable Construction  and the Chengdu Institute of Technology-State Key Laboratory of Geohazard Prevention and Geoenvironment Protection