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Wolfson Centre attends the Mental Health and Wellbeing Show 2024

10 June 2024

The Wolfson Centre team engaged in meaningful conversations with visitors and representatives from other organisations.

Dr Alex George ‘opened up’ talks about youth mental health challenges

14 May 2024

Doctor and presenter to speak at Cardiff University’s Cardiff Conversations series about youth mental health

Wolfson Centre co-director elected fellow of the Learned Society of Wales

8 May 2024

Professor Stephan Collishaw, co-director of the Wolfson Centre has been elected as a fellow for the Learned Society of Wales.

a young woman in pink and purple writing at a desk

New flagship study aims to protect young people against depression

24 April 2024

The Wolfson Centre for Young People's Mental Health has launched an ambitious research study aimed at safeguarding young people against the risk of developing depression.

New paper helps to understand how childhood emotional problems change over time

25 March 2024

Those with increasing problems in adolescence or persistent issues from childhood were found to be at higher risk of depressive symptoms, self-harm, and poor educational attainment in early adulthood

Applications for the Wolfson Summer School 2024 now open

4 March 2024

The Wolfson Centre for Young People’s Mental Health is set to host its third virtual Summer School this July.

New paper explores depression trajectories in children

6 February 2024

Children who have a parent with depression are at an increased risk of developing depression themselves. A new research paper from the Wolfson Centre for Young People’s Mental Health has undertaken work to understand the impact parental depression can have on a young person.

Longitudinal study tracks depression and anxiety in children of depressed parents from childhood to adult life

29 January 2024

Young people with a depressed parent are more likely to suffer with depression and anxiety themselves.

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Emotional problems in young people were rising rapidly even before the pandemic

20 December 2023

Research shows substantial increase in the proportion experiencing emotional symptoms among young people in Wales in the years immediately before the pandemic.

Exploring the connection between genetic information and depression and anxiety

16 October 2023

The study found that higher genetic scores to depression, anxiety, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorder were associated with having at least one episode of emotional disorder, compared to having no episodes.