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Wolfson Centre for Young People's Mental Health

We are a dedicated interdisciplinary research centre focusing on reducing anxiety and depression in young people.

We use our research expertise to focus on understanding the causes of adolescent mental health problems that can inform new effective ways to offer practical help to young people.

We bring together world-leading researchers to focus on reducing anxiety and depression in young people.

Our ambition is for our research and scientific discoveries to rapidly inform policy and practice in the field of youth anxiety and depression.

Choose to study here and you'll become part of a thriving research community supported by our world-class researchers.

We have a range of resources for young people and their families, as well as healthcare professionals, policymakers, and researchers.

Latest news

People on laptops

Wolfson Centre board reviews counselling service provision for young people and new digital wellbeing support project

27 January 2023

Wolfson IEB meets to discuss current mental health provision for young people in Wales and a digital wellbeing support project.

A young person works at a desk

Practitioner review examines the importance of understanding depression in young people with neurodevelopmental disorders

15 September 2022

Researchers have undertaken a review aimed at clinicians, which explores the latest findings on depression in young people with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

A young woman wearing headphones sits on a bed writing in a notepad

Seminar paper examines the rise of depression in young people

12 August 2022

Researchers from the Wolfson Centre for Young People’s Mental Health have collaborated with international partners to produce an in-depth analysis of major depressive disorder in adolescents.