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National Sabbatical Scheme

The Sabbatical Scheme offers language courses for education practitioners, whether they are teachers, lecturers or classroom assistants.

The aim of the scheme is to increase the number of practitioners who can teach through the medium of Welsh or bilingually.

The aim of the courses is therefore to develop the Welsh skills of education practitioners. In addition to this, the courses provide language pedagogy training that will enable practitioners to teach Welsh effectively and pass the language on to their pupils.

There are courses available for different linguistic levels so if Welsh is a language that is new to you or if you have some experience of it, there will be a course that suits you.

The National Sabbatical Scheme courses are provided by the Welsh Language School and are funded by the Welsh Government in Mid South Wales and South East Wales. This means that the courses are free of charge with the Welsh Government providing a grant to cover the costs as well as travel costs.

The courses can vary from year to year so to find out which courses are running, or if you would like help with regards to knowing which course is right for you, contact us.


Welsh Sabbatical