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Coins and notes

New report analyses £13.7 billion deficit in Wales’ public finances

29 July 2019

Austerity cuts have reduced spending and deficit significantly, experts say

Money and graph

Shortfall in public finances in Wales due to lower revenues, report finds

2 July 2019

Fiscal gap demonstrates regional imbalance in the UK, academics say

Cardiff Bay

Share of Welsh workforce in the public sector reaches historic low

20 June 2019

In its latest report, Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre reveals that in 2018, 20% of employees in Wales were working in the public sector, down from a peak of 27.4% in 2009.

Civil society brought together to focus on Brexit challenges

30 May 2019

Charles Whitmore, Co-Ordinator of the Wales Civil Society Forum on Brexit, reports back from this month’s successful conference in Belfast.

WGC Justice & Jurisdiction project impacts House of Commons report

17 May 2019

Research carried out by Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre has been “of great assistance” to an inquiry into prison provision, according to Welsh MPs.

Wales faces unprecedented European elections – Video

13 May 2019

Last week, academics from Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre held a briefing event on the 2019 European elections at Cardiff Bay’s iconic Pierhead building.

Senedd building

Devolving benefits could be positive for Welsh budget, according to report

11 April 2019

Giving Wales the same powers over benefits as Scotland could boost the Welsh budget by £200m a year, according to new research from Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre.

Welsh flag

Leading Research Centre Discovers Secret Backstop to Wales’ 1284 Treaty with England: Wales Must Stay in Customs Union with Ireland

1 April 2019

A team of Wales Governance Centre researchers today announce the discovery of a hitherto secret codicil to the Statute of Rhuddlan that has profound implications for the current parliamentary deliberations over Brexit and Wales’ future economic relationship with its nearest neighbours.

Wales in a Post-Brexit world

13 March 2019

Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre has announced a strong line-up of speakers for its joint event with the Welsh Centre for International Affairs on the evening of March 27th.

UK Currency

Taxpayers in Wales are paying more money for fewer services, according to report

7 February 2019

Taxpayers in Wales are paying more money for fewer services as local authorities attempt to plug a funding gap of nearly £1bn, research reveals.