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Money and graph

Welsh fiscal boost next year to be followed by cutbacks to spending plans, says new budget report

5 March 2021

The UK Government’s decisions to cut back on pre-pandemic, non-virus spending plans for 2021-22 onwards will reduce the projected increase to the Welsh budget by approximately £600 million a year

Research identifies STV lessons for Wales

3 March 2021

The report was commissioned by the Welsh Government and adds to the evidence base to allow authorities to implement STV in Wales in the future

McAllister campaign website goes live

26 February 2021

The former Wales national team captain is running for UEFA’s women’s position on the FIFA Council

Welsh flag

Welsh Election Study team gears up for 2021 Senedd race

11 February 2021

The study will be used to analyse topics including the identities and values of voters, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and attitudes to tax devolution

Cathays Park Crown Building

Updated analysis of the Welsh Government’s budget

4 February 2021

Unallocated funding for dealing with Covid-19 for this financial year now stands at an estimated £655m, according to the latest briefing by the Wales Fiscal Analysis team

Video: Counsel General on Internal Market Act and UK future

22 January 2021

The Counsel General made a speech for Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre this week, outlining the Welsh Government’s legal case against the Internal Market Act

Counsel General to outline legal challenge over devolved powers

15 January 2021

The Counsel General and Minister for European Transition, Jeremy Miles MS, will provide an update on the Welsh Government’s plans to protect Wales’ devolved powers in a speech for Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre next week

Joanna Cherry

Video: Joanna Cherry MP delivers Annual Lecture

4 December 2020

The prominent SNP MP and Advocate analysed constitutional developments within the UK before outlining the implications of preparing for another referendum on Scottish independence

Money and graph

Huge drop-off in COVID-19 funding for Welsh budget following UK Spending Review, report finds

3 December 2020

Funding available for the Welsh Government’s fiscal response to COVID-19 is set to fall from £5.6 billion in 2020-21 to just £766 million next year

Welsh firebreak “had intended effect” on mobility, new analysis shows

24 November 2020

New interactive tool reveals divergence in lockdown behaviour between Wales and UK