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International sub-strategy

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In light of significant changes in the global context, we have recast our International sub-strategy.

The revised strategy takes into account the implications, and potential opportunities, presented by the end of the UK’s transition period for exiting the EU and the global Covid-19 pandemic. Our international ambitions have not changed but how we seek to achieve these has been adapted to the changed environment.

Our ambition

Our University is a global, outward looking University with a growing international staff, student and alumni community. We extend our reach internationally through partnerships with high quality institutions across the world. We support our students and staff to build meaningful global connections through international exchanges and collaborations.

We contribute to the global higher education mission by supporting the expansion of education and research capacity of our partners. Our international research partnerships enhance the global reputation and impact of our work. Through our international activities our ambition is to make a positive contribution to issues of global importance.

Underpinning objectives

We will be known as a University that is:

  • recognised as world-leading, where international connections are paramount, and which contributes actively to issues of global importance
  • creating opportunities for all students to participate in impactful international experiences as an integral part of their study
  • actively supporting our staff to engage in developing international education and research partnerships
  • strengthening our global alumni network to support our international mission.

Read the full sub-strategy

International sub-strategy

We are a global, outward looking University, with worldwide connections and partnerships that support international mobility and tackle issues of global importance.