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International sub-strategy

Main Buildings, Xiamen University
Xiamen University

The Way Forward 2018-23 is currently undergoing a strategic review. These pages will be updated in the autumn.

Cardiff University is a global, outward looking University with a growing international staff, student and alumni community.

We extend our reach internationally through partnerships with high quality institutions across the world. We support our students and staff to build meaningful global connections through international exchanges and collaborations. Our international research partnerships enhance the global reputation and impact of our work. We contribute to the global higher education mission by supporting the expansion of education and research capacity of our partners.

Building on the previous strategy

We are proud to have exceeded our ambitious target set for international student mobility, having developed and supported a variety of global opportunities open to all our undergraduate students. Explicitly, 18% of our home undergraduate students graduated in 2015/16 with a completed international placement of four weeks or more, thereby contributing to their academic achievements, employability and intercultural skills.

We will continue to develop the two institutional strategic partnerships we have established, with KU Leuven and Xiamen University, and grow our collaborations through individual academic endeavour, new opportunities for students and initiatives at School, College and University level.


We are a global, outward looking University, with worldwide connections and partnerships that support international mobility and tackle issues of global importance.