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Food certifications

7 June 2017

Are they worth the paper they are written on?

World Oceans Day

Development, security and the oceans

31 May 2017

Celebrating World Oceans Day

Hay Festival signage

Healing Brexit generational divide

22 May 2017

Referendum fallout is among Cardiff University events at 30th Hay Festival

Changing places

10 May 2017

Developing new approaches for front line staff in communities in Wales

Sustainable Places Research Institute keynote lecture

3 May 2017

Exploring relationships between people and nature

Green infrastructure context in 2002 (from abstracts of Web of Science indexed journals)

Transforming sustainable urban development

25 April 2017

Developing knowledge and capacity for sustainable urban development using green infrastructure

Seagrass - with Project Seagrass Logo

Marine conservation with the help of citizen scientists

19 April 2017

Public urged to help scientists discover seagrass meadows

Welsh Government Director awarded Distinguished Visiting Fellowship

10 April 2017

Director of Environment and Sustainable Development, Welsh Government awarded honorary title

Deforestation accelerating river erosion

31 March 2017

New paper examines links between forest clearing and riverbank erosion


Saving sea cows helps ensure human food security

16 March 2017

New toolkit is helping communities monitor and protect vulnerable habitats and species.