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Postgraduate offer holders affected by industrial action

We are taking steps to ensure that students impacted by industrial action, including the national marking assessment boycott, are not disadvantaged for their future studies with us.

This guidance will tell you what you need to do if you:

  • have a conditional offer from Cardiff University for postgraduate or other further study
  • have a conditional offer from Cardiff University, including a grade in a specific module/s
  • have an offer for a Cardiff University Scholarship for postgraduate or other further study

Adding evidence to your admissions record

If you have a conditional offer from Cardiff University and your final marks and/or award are impacted by industrial action, you will need to upload as much information and evidence as possible to your admissions record at

You will also need to do this if your conditional offer included a grade in a specific module(s).

The information and evidence should include:

  • Signed or stamped interim transcripts that contain details of the grades you achieved, at both module level and overall, with details of additional modules completed.
  • Signed or stamped provisional certificates that confirm the average grade obtained and/or predicted final grade.
  • The date of your award to be listed as the date of the most recent transcript/provisional certificate.
  • A likely to complete letter from your institution – this letter is an essential requirement for all applicants impacted by the industrial action.

What to include in a likely to complete letter

A likely to complete letter must include:

  • Your personal details, so that we can confirm that the letter relates to you.
  • Confirmation that you are highly likely to complete your programme. With information on whether all elements of the programme have been completed.
  • When your degree is likely to be awarded.
  • Contact details for the issuing department, to be used for verification purposes

Apply for your visa within the UK (international students)

If you have an unconditional offer to study at Cardiff University, we will issue you with a Confirmation of Acceptance to Study (CAS) statement, which you can use to apply for your visa.

The documentation (information and evidence) we are requesting to confirm your entry to Cardiff University meets the requirements to be able to proceed with your student visa. These are the documents you should present with your visa application, including the likely to complete letter.

Cardiff University scholarships

The team responsible for awarding the appropriate Cardiff University Scholarship will use the information you provide to confirm your place to verify whether you have met the minimum requirements for an award.

Providing your final results

If you are awarded a place on the basis of interim results, you will need to provide your final results once you received them. The award of any future degree will be held until these are provided.

If you require a student visa to study in the UK you may also be in breach of the visa requirements if you do not provide your final results as soon as they are available.


Admissions team

If your enquiry is urgent, you can call our team on +44 (0)29 2087 9999. Office hours: 08:30 to 17:00 GMT Monday to Friday.