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Art Shell

Art shell engages in research and helps to facilitate contemporary art in temporary or alternative spaces and engage with new and diverse audiences.


Art Shell has recently received Heritage Lottery funding to research Cardiff’s changing water-scape, mapping remnants, documents, resident’s memories and architects dreams of Cardiff’s waterways past, present and future.  They are currently working closely with The Cardiff Story Museum, Cardiff Transitions, The Boat Studio and architecture students from Cardiff University.


They have good connections with local, national and international artists and are able to help facilitate the creation of new works and development of future projects and provide artists to assist with different facets of the project.  They are also able to assist in bid development and the facilitation of creative workshops and community consultations.

Contact details

Art Shell
34 Taff Embankment

For more information you can contact: Johana Hartwig - Art Shell founder
Telephone: 07868206627
Twitter: @_Art_Shell_