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Our communities

We are working with Welsh Government's Communities First clusters to make improvements in the most disadvantaged communities across Wales.

Butetown, Riverside and Grangetown

Loudoun Square sign Butetown

The Butetown, Riverside and Grangetown (BRG) Communites First Cluster is located in the south west of Cardiff.

  • The BRG Cluster covers the Butetown, Riverside, and Grangetown areas. Find out more about BRG Cardiff. 
  • Communities First is a community focused programme that supports the Welsh Government’s Tackling Poverty agenda. Their delivery teams are funded by the Welsh Government and work with residents, community organisations, business and other key agencies in these areas, called
  • Clusters, and focus on actions leading to the long term sustainability and wellbeing of communities.
  • Strong Communities, Healthier People through research, evaluation and collaborative relationships with multiple stakeholders and the public, will create communities that are better able to participate in processes that shape their futures.

North Merthyr Tydfil

Merthyr Tydfil street view

The area of North Merthyr Tydfil is located in the northern extremity of the Taff valley in South Wales.

  • The Communities First Cluster of the area consists of a number of communities mainly Gurnos, Galon Uchaf, Dowlais, Penydarren and Pant.
  • The Communities First delivery team, funded by the Welsh Government, work with residents, community organisations, business and other key agencies in these areas.
  • In 1999 the 3Gs Development Trust was established to work with the communities of the Gurnos, Galon Uchaf and Penydarren, offering support, information and developmental activities.
  • Strong Communities, Healthier People team works with residents, community organisations, schools and other key agencies in these areas and will focus on developing a sustainable model of collaborative research, education, engagement, knowledge exchange and impact between the University and local communities.