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We examine the tracing of Earth system processes at both low and high temperature using geochemical methods.

We focus on tracing Earth system processes at both low and high temperature using geochemical methods.

We build upon the varied and highly complementary expertise in geochemistry across the Earth and Environmental Sciences to foster new collaborative projects.

Our group also showcases the unique capacity of the School in analytical geochemistry to the rest of the UK community.


We aim to tackle some of the most important questions in Earth Sciences.

  • How did Earth's continents form?
  • How did the Earth's surface become oxygen-rich?
  • The nature of mantle compositional heterogeneities.
  • Causes and consequences of Earth's changing climate.
  • Tracing ocean circulation through time.
  • Magmatic and eruptive processes.
  • Weathering and the carbon cycle.



Millet, M. Titanium stable isotope insights into adakite formation. Royal Society, £14,132

Millet, M. NIIICE: Novel Isotope Insights Into Continent Evolution – Titanium isotope insights into juvenile and reworked crust. NERC. Standard Grant, £515,000

Fru, E. Coevolution of life and Arsenic in Precambrian oceans. ERC Starting grant, £292,092 to Cardiff

Lear, C. A revised record of ice volume change through the Neogene and its impact on carbonate reservoirs offshore Kenya. NERC and BG Group, £117,504

Lear, C. Paleoceanographic records from the NW Pacific. NERC£44,397

Lear, C. Pliocene Palaeoclimate off SE Africa. NERC, £70,694

Bailey and Lear, C. Raising public awareness of Ocean Acidification via a pop-up museum, £16,400

Lear, C. Super-warm Early Eocene Temperatures. NERC, £722,067

Buchs, D. and Kerr, A. Early tectonic evolution of the Panama arc and the inter-American seaway. 2016-2017. National Geographic Society's Global Exploration, €19,000

Buchs, D. International Collaboration Seedcorn Fund to collaborate with the Panama Canal Authority. Cardiff University. 2016, £6,710

Buchs, D. Volcano-stratigraphic evolution of the Panama Canal area. Chinese Scholarship Council for Jian Wang’s PhD studies, CSC and Cardiff University. 2016-2020, £80,913

Buchs, D. Stratigraphy of the Panama Canal. Consultancy for the Panama Canal Authority. 2016-2017, USD $98,085

Buchs, D. and Fagereng, A. Precambrian geological evolution of the Isle of Anglesey (Newborough area) and valorisation of Anglesey UNESCO Global Geopark. Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship 2 (KESS2) for a PhD student. 2017-2020, £52,020

Sosdian, S. Cardiff Incoming Visiting Fellowship Scheme & International Collaboration Seedcorn Fund to collaborate on boron-based proxies in marine carbonates. Cardiff University. 2017, £6,000

Andersen, M., Millet, M., Fru, E. and Maier, W. Rutherford Strategic Partner Fellowships for Dr Carolina Moreto and Wagner da Silva Amaral, £48,000 each

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