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Ethnomethodology, Ethnography, Interaction and Talk

The Cardiff Ethnography Ethnomethodology Interaction and Talk (CEEIT) Research Group provides a space for sessions of various kinds concerned with ethnomethodology.

The CEEIT research group was founded in March 2020. The group is affiliated with the Cardiff Ethnography group, but provides a space for sessions of various kinds concerned with ethnomethodology (and, in particular, Membership Categorisation Analysis) and its critical relationship to observational studies and ethnography more generally.

The group meets regularly (weekly, during semester time), and meetings rotate between data analysis sessions, reading groups, and paper presentations. The group has been particularly concerned with describing ethno-methods in the accomplishment of, inter alia, the possibility and practice of observation, categorisation practices in writing and reading ethnographic texts, knowledge-in-action (for example, in demonstrations and ‘recollective actions’), and the interactional accomplishment of phenomena such as discrimination, inequality, and ‘social control’


Dr Robin James Smith

Dr Robin James Smith

Senior Lecturer in Sociology

+44(0) 29 2087 0330