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The Waterloo Foundation Future Minds Programme

Laura W TWF
Dr Laura Westacott, Waterloo Foundation Research Fellow.

The Waterloo Foundation Future Minds Programme will enable young researchers to develop innovative treatments for debilitating mental health conditions.

Established in 2014, and in partnership with The Waterloo Foundation, the original Changing Minds Programme aimed to support newly qualified post doctoral researchers in their first steps towards an independent research career.

This new funding will allow researchers to build on the work of the Changing Minds Programme which has enabled a better understanding of the systems in the brain responsible for causing psychiatric disorders.

The Programme will support researchers to develop their own unique research, providing enhanced skills training, connecting Fellows to the work of industrial and charitable partners and offering extended mentorship, communications and leadership skills training for public engagement.

Vacancies and funding calls

There are currently no vacancies.


For more information regarding the Waterloo Foundation Future Minds Programme, please contact:

Professor Jeremy Hall

Professor Jeremy Hall

Director of Division of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, Director of Neuroscience and Mental Health Innovation Institute, Hon. Consultant Psychiatrist.

+44 (0) 29 20 688 342