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Ann Griffiths website

In 2003, Cardiff University launched a bilingual website devoted to the study of the life and work of Ann Griffiths (1776-1805), a major figure in Welsh literature and a Christian poet of European stature.

The website is the fruit of a pioneer digitisation project by Cardiff University Library, funded by the RSLP (Research Support Libraries Programme).

The site was created under the editorship of Dr E. Wyn James of the School of Welsh, Cardiff University, an acknowledged authority on Ann Griffiths.

Explore the Ann Griffiths website.


The website includes an introduction by Dr James to Ann Griffiths’s life and work. It also includes, in modern orthography, the original Welsh text of her hymns and letters, together with English translations by the late Professor H. A. Hodges. In addition, around 2,500 pages of books, articles and manuscripts relating to Ann Griffiths have been digitised, ranging from the late eighteenth century to the present day. They include the earliest texts of her work, core biographical material and a cross-section of critical writings, from substantial volumes of literary criticism to pamphlets and journal articles.

The website has been described as ‘a model for similar sites on other Welsh writers’ and ‘a publication of the highest quality’. With such a variety of material, both printed and manuscript, relating to one of the icons of modern Welsh culture, the site lends itself to a wide range of uses by those studying the language, literature and culture of Wales, including linguists, those interested in the history of editing, publishing and translation, and students of religion, spirituality and popular culture.

Appropriately, the first edition of the website was launched in early August 2003 at the National Eisteddfod of Wales, which was being held in mid-Wales, very close to Ann Griffiths’s birthplace.

The project team

Principal investigator

E. Wyn James

Professor E. James

Emeritus Professor