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Burn-Tool study: Referring the right children to social care


1 in 10 burn injuries in children attending hospital are thought to result from abuse or neglect.

However, identifying such children in emergency healthcare settings is challenging. In order to improve outcomes for these children we have developed a Burn-Tool to help clinicians and other health colleagues decide when to refer children with burns to social services.

Understanding what happens when children with burns are referred to social services is a really important part of testing the tool. Gaining a better understanding of what actions, if any, are taken by social services in the 12-months surrounding a referral will hugely improve our understanding of the Burn-Tool and how it is supporting better decision-making within healthcare settings. 

We have collected information on children’s burn injuries from 6 hospital sites in England and Wales, and are now visiting their surrounding local authorities to collect social care outcomes.

For more information about how to get involved with the Burn-Tool study, please contact

The project team

Principal investigator

Professor Alison Kemp

Professor Alison Kemp

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