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A quiet revolution? Discursive representations of non-heteronormative sexuality

The project will examine the range of available discourses on non-heteronormative sexuality in post-Soviet Russia (1999-2019) and will account for discursive representations at three different levels (grassroots, semi-official and state media) to understand the formation of what some have called a 'quiet revolution'.


Barbero’s (1992) interpretative framework and discourse analysis (Fairclough, 1995).

The data will be collated through ‘collaborative ethnography’ (Gillespie, 2010); it includes traditional and new media data, relevant institutional documents and semi-structured interviews with the member of general public.


  • 1 monograph
  • Final report
  • 1 edited volume (originating from the final conference)
  • Post-Soviet sexualities forum (PSSF)
  • 2 papers in peer-reviewed journals
  • Online database (1999-2019) on media coverage of non-heteronormative sexuality in Russia