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High Voltage Laboratory

The High Voltage laboratory is equipped with several test transformers (10 to 330 kV) and impulse generators (up to 400 kV) used for testing and characterisation of insulating materials.

The laboratory also contains facilities for tracking/erosion tests conforming to IEC 587 and a pollution chamber conforming to IEC 507.


Name Make/Model Details
200kV Impulse Generator, Charging Unit and Control Unit Haefely SGSA200-10, Haefely LGR 100-15, Haefely GC223 Generation of lightning voltage / current impulses up to 200kV. Portable system, mainly used to evaluate earthing electrode performance under lightning strike conditions.
300kV Marx Generator, Power Supply and Control Bank Ferranti Generation of lightning voltage waveshapes up to 300kV. Used primarily for lower voltage testing of insulation systems and equipment (<40kV).
400kV Impulse Generator, Charging Unit and Control Unit Haefely SGSA400-20, Haefely LGR 100-20, Haefely GC223 Generation of lightning voltage / current impulses up to 400kV. Primarily used for the evaluation of insulation and overvoltage protection systems under lightning strike conditions
Current and Voltage Transducers Range of differential voltage probes, current transformers, current probe amplifiers, rogowski coils etc for low voltage measurements (<1kV) and current measurements up to 50kA
Fog Chamber and Dielectric Test Set C&W Fog Chamber Hipotronics HVAC transformer + control unit For dielectric testing of polluted insulation systems under up to 75kV AC
Impulse Voltage Dividers – Capacitive Range of capacitive dividers for voltage measurements to 700kV Capacitive voltage dividers for measurement of standard lightning impulses up to 700kV
Impulse Voltage Dividers – Resistive Haefely R800, Haefely R200 Resistive voltage dividers for measurement of very fast front lightning impulses up to 800kV
Oscilloscopes Picoscopes 3205 (x2), 3206 (x3), 9201 Range of low-power USB scopes (2 channel), used primarily for testing in the field
Oscilloscopes LeCroy WaveJet 354 (x2) 500Mhz 4 Channel Oscilloscopes
Oscilloscopes LeCroy Waverunner 64Xi (x2) 600MHz 4 Channel PC based high-performance oscilloscopes
Oscilloscopes LeCroy Wavejet 314 (x3) 100Mhz 4 Channel Oscilloscopes.
UV Chamber Atlas Suntest XXL For accelerated ageing / weathering of insulation systems and other test objects prior to application of high voltage

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