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This database is designed to encourage the sharing of research equipment and facilities at the University.

Through use of this information, equipment is made more use of and new research collaborations can be established.

On these pages researchers can:

  • Search for existing equipment and facilities
  • View technical details of equipment
  • Contact equipment owners directly to discuss the availability of equipment and the potential for collaboration.

For funding bids

Investigators who are preparing a bid for external funding which includes a request for new research equipment will need to verify that the University does not already own equivalent equipment.

In the event that the University does own such equipment, they need to show that there is insufficient capacity or that it cannot be suitably configured for use in the planned research.

Researchers can use this database to find out about existing equipment or prove that the University does not own it already.


If you would like to suggest additional items or facilities for inclusion at any time please get in touch:

Research equipment