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Advanced Magnetic Materials Characterisation Facility

Facility for the characterisation of magnetic materials under a wide range of magnetisation and environmental conditions.

Includes measurements of DC and AC magnetisation, magnetostriction, magnetoresistance, power loss, permeability and susceptibility under a wide range of applied stress and temperature for application in energy, aerospace, vehicles, medicine and NDE.


Name Make/Model Details
Acoustic Test System Developed inhouse Measurement of acoustic noise and vibration in electromagnetic devices from small actuators up to 300kVA transformers.
Atomic Force/Magnetic Force Microscope Digital Instruments AFM/MFM Topographical and magnetic scans over areas typically 50 micron square. Resolution approximately 10nm.
Bulk Material AC Characterisation System Developed in house Measurement of AC magnetic properties of bulk magnetic material in the form of strip, bar, ring or toroid. Frequency range: 10Hz to 100kHz.
Bulk Magnetic Material DC Characterisation Equipment Developed in house Measurement of AC magnetic properties of bulk magnetic material in the form of strip, bar, ring, slug or toroid. Peak magnetising field 2MA/m.
Kerr Domain Observation System Developed in house Observation and recording of dynamic magnetic domain structures from DC to power frequencies. Resolution up to 21 MP. Shutter speed up to 1825 FPS. Range of objectives up to 50x giving <1 micron resolution.
Magnetic Property Measurement System Quantum Design MPMS The Magnetic Property Measurement System (MPMS) performs DC characterisation utilising a reciprocating sample and SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device) detection for ultimate resolution at magnetic fields up to 5T.
Magnetostriction Measurement System Developed in house Allows the characterisation of magnetostriction in electrical steel strip under a range of applied stress from -10MPa to +10MPa.
Mechanical Property Measurement System Instron 100kN +/- 100 kN test system to be used with AC/DC and NDE test systems in order to characterise magnetic materials under stress.
Physical Property Measurement System Quantum Design PPMS The Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) enables the measurement of phenomena such as the magnetocaloric effect, magnetostriction and magnetoresistance over a wide range of temperatures at magnetic fields of up to 7T.
Power transformer test system Developed in house Measurement of no-load loss and local properties on transformers up to 300 kVA.
Vibrating Sample Magnetometer Lake Shore 7400 Characterize the DC magnetic properties of materials as a function of magnetic field, temperature, and time at fields up to 3.1T.

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