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Psychology colloquia

We welcome esteemed guest speakers for our colloquia talks that cover a wide range of fascinating topics.

Our colloquia talks usually take place on a Friday at Tower Building (Room 12.11) at 14:10 - 15:00 and feature guest speakers from various interesting backgrounds. The talks are open to all and are also followed by tea and cake reception.

Autumn 2018 series

5 OctoberProfessor Kim Graham, Cardiff UniversityDeconstructing and reconstructing memory, and what it means for understanding dementia
12 OctoberDr Rosalyn Moran, Bristol University
Host: Simon Rushton
The role of prediction in human – and computer
19 OctoberProfessor Andrew Parker, Oxford University
Host: Frank Sengpiel
GL Brown Lecture - Seeing depth with two eyes: the binocular physiology of 3D space

This talk is joint with Biosciences and will take place at 13.10 in the 6th Floor Seminar Room – Biosciences
26 OctoberDr Elena Hoicka, Bristol University
Host: Professor Chiara Gambi
Toddlers think for themselves: A talk on social learning amongst toddlers and children
16 NovemberDr Joseph O’Neil, Cardiff University Reactivating memory: Cell assembly coding during waking and sleep

This talk will take place in LT3. The reception will be on the 5th floor
23 NovemberProfessor Heather Adams, Rochester, US
Host: Dougal J Hare
From case reports to clinical trials – approaches to studying paediatric rare diseases
30 NovemberDr Gary Jones, Nottingham Trent University

Host: Bill Macken
What we get from the language we hear
7 DecemberProfessor Kristian Sandbert, Aarhus University, Denmark)

Host: Chen Song
Neural architecture mapping of consciousness
14 DecemberDr Evie Vergauwe, Geneva University

Host: Candice Morey
Can we detect spontaneous reactivations during working memory maintenance?


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