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Gareth Jones

In 2018, a second conviction was overturned at the Court of Appeal due to our work.

Gareth Jones was convicted of a serious sexual assault at the age of 22 in July 2008.

Gareth, who has learning difficulties, served three-and-a-half years in prison, but upon his release was determined to clear his name.

The Cardiff University Innocence Project was made aware of Gareth’s case by his long-term supporter and carer, Paula Morgan, and reviewed it for six years.

Conviction deemed unsafe

Based on the project’s investigations, the Court of Appeal decided that Gareth’s conviction had been unsafe.

In his judgement in R v Jones, Lord Justice Simon wrote: "We also acknowledge the significant contribution of the Cardiff University Innocence Project which has, through the pro bono input of its supporters, advanced this appeal on the appellant's behalf."

Speaking at the time, Paula Morgan said, "It took months of searching before I came across them (the Cardiff Innocence Project) ... it was amazing because I'd tried several barristers and organisations, but unless you have money there's no justice.

It's gratifying that there are people out there who care about justice; they're going to go into their professional lives with that knowledge, in a better place to help people like Gareth who can't afford legal representation."

Featured across national news channels

Gareth's case was featured across national news channels which included The Telegraph, BBC and ITV.